‘A Night at the Dogs’ – Another ‘Gallery’ First.

Gallery Players are proud to present the first regional outing of Matt Charman’s award winning play ‘A Night at the Dogs’ at the Sir John Mills Theatre, Ipswich, from 1st – 5th November 2005. This a real coup for Gallery as it will be the first time since its premiere at the Soho Theatre in London in April that the play has been performed anywhere in the country.

‘A Night at the Dogs’ was written in 2004 by new playwright Matt Charman and won the prestigious 2004 Verity Bargate Award, awarded by the Soho Theatre for excellence in new writing. It was first staged on April 8th 2005 at the Soho Theatre to much critical acclaim. What makes the award even more intriguing is that ‘A Night at the Dogs’ was not only chosen from over 700 submissions of first plays but that Matt Charman himself is still in his early twenties. Not surprisingly he has been made Writer-in-Residence at Soho with a commission to write a second play.

The story of ‘A Night at the Dogs’ centres on a group of five men who work in a garage. Together they buy a greyhound in the hope of collectively making a lot of money. On the night of the first race the five men gather at the council flat of the syndicate organiser and await the arrival of the dog that they hope will change their lives. But before they have even left for the track, a violent situation erupts and the night of their dreams, along with the fate of an innocent man, hangs in the balance.

‘A Night at the Dogs’ is fast paced, extremely funny and captures with ease the camaraderie and banter of the workplace. It is also one of those plays that focuses the attention and makes you want to know the outcome. It does, however, raise issues about the nature of intimidation and cowardice. At the moment of crisis nobody dares to do the right thing.

The cast brings together many Gallery favourites: Phil Cory last seen in portraying five different characters in Gallery’s production of ‘Kindertransport’ plays Carl, Steve Taplin, recently seen in ‘She Loves Me’ at the New Wolsey, plays Chalky. Mike Henderson and Tony Cook from ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ play Paul and Lionel respectively, and Mike Cook who has also played in several Gallery productions takes on the pivotal role of Danny, Carl’s younger brother.
We are also pleased to introduce our newest actor: Tigger the greyhound, who makes his debut with us!

This play is a must see; it is funny, fast, yet with a twist and packs real punch.


View show programme here.