‘When shall we live, if not now?’

The Gallery Players open their 2006 season with a production of ‘Amy’s View’ by David Hare.

David Hare is one of Britain’s most prolific and internationally performed playwrights. He has a long association with the National Theatre which produced eleven of his plays successively between 1978 and 1997.
‘Amy’s View’ was first performed at the National Theatre on 13th June 1997 with Judy Dench and Samantha Bond playing Esme and her daughter Amy.
The play covers the sixteen years between 1979 and 1995 and charts the changes in the characters’ lives and relationships.

The play poses some very interesting questions:
Is there a place in the modern world for theatre? – Esme argues that there is. She says that theatre has the ability to connect with people’s emotions and that it has a reality of its own. – Dominic, her son-in-law, vehemently disagrees. He maintains that todays generation find theatre dull and boring. Cinema and television have made theatre redundant.

Such opposing views cause friction and tension between them, but underlying these differences lies the question as to whether Dominic ”deserves her daughter or not”.
Amy is, thus, in the middle, loving her mother and adoring Dominic.
Esme and Dominic struggle to win the argument while Amy can see that both are vulnerable and need her support and her ability to bring peace to the family. In the end, however, she has to choose between them.

Families have their comedic as well as their sad moments, David Hare cleverly lets you enjoy both.

The Gallery Players have found rehearsing ‘Amy’s View’ challenging, moving and great fun. We hope you enjoy it too.

We are following our aim of bringing you variety in our choice of plays. David Hare’s ‘Amy’s View’ contrasts with Matt Charman’s ‘A Night at the Dogs’. An established playwright versus a brand new one, but both with a strong and individual viewpoint.

‘Amy’s View’ is directed by Pat Taplin. The cast includes Shirley Lyons as Esme, Martin Leigh as Dominic, Dick Glover as Frank, Brenda Caddick as Evelyn and Mark Hayward as Toby. Playing Amy is Caroline Whitfield, this is her first leading role but you may remember her as Faith in ‘Kindertransport’.

‘Amy’s View’ runs from Tuesday March 14th to Saturday March 18th


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