Gallery Players are pleased to offer you the opportunity to see a production of a new play by award winning playwright Shelagh Stephenson. The Long Road premiered at The Soho Theatre in May 2008 to great critical acclaim and sell out audiences. It returned for a second highly successful run in November of last year.
Shelagh Stephenson wrote the play in 2007 after a period of research with prisoners and in collaboration with the Synergy Theatre Project and the Forgiveness Project. Before it opened at Soho the play was performed in London prisons.
With teenage stabbings front-page news, Shelagh Stephenson’s play about the subject could hardly be more topical, as it explores the healing possibility of forgiveness even when you have suffered the most appalling hurt. The play raises fundamental questions about the impact of crime and restorative justice. How far can we excuse someone’s behaviour because of their upbringing?
This is a moving play, which despite its subject, will touch hearts and minds and is not without the occasional touch of humour.
It is the first time the play has been performed outside London by any theatre company and Gallery are proud to continue their association with Soho Theatre, having previously presented new award winning plays such as ‘Kindertransport’, ‘A Night at The Dogs’, ‘Colder Than Here’ and ‘Kiss Me Like You Mean It’. In fact you may recall that’ Kiss Me Like You Mean It’ won the Noda Eastern Councillor’s cup award for best production in 2003 and ‘Kindertransport’ subsequently won several awards at the final ESTAA awards in 2006.
Gallery has assembled a talented cast; Linda Bailey, who played the adult Scout in our recent production of To Kill A Mockingbird takes on the role of the mother and Martin Leigh, another Gallery favourite, plays the father. Lindsay Ashford, another familiar face, plays Elizabeth, the social worker.
We are pleased to welcome two talented newcomers; Maria Louis plays Emma and Josh Keeble plays Dan’s older brother Joe. Steve Wooldridge directs.


View show programme here.