The Gallery Players present:
Spend, Spend, Spend a new musical at the New Wolsey Theatre from Tuesday June 17th to Saturday June 21st 2008

This is the story of Viv Nicholson, a feisty Yorkshire lass, who’s husband Keith won the first ‘mega’ jackpot on the Littlewoods. Pools on Saturday 23rd September of £152 000, a fortune in those days and the equivalent of around £3 million today.
Viv and Keith Nicholson were young. They lived in a council house in a small industrial town in Yorkshire, where they struggled to bring up three children (with another on the way!) on a weekly income of £14.
Unprepared for their new-found wealth Viv was asked what she intended to do with their new fortune, her famous reply, ‘I’m gonna spend, spend, spend!’, is exactly what they did!

Spend, Spend, Spend is a very special British musical and has many similarities to that other great British musical ‘Blood Brothers’. It has a fine score, a great story, is warm-hearted and humourous and running through it a touching love story.
The Gallery Players have gathered a very strong cast of singers and actors together to fill the New Wolsey’s stage with the characters who dominated Viv’s life.
Samantha Horsfield plays the older Viv, looking back on her life of heartbreak and happiness.
Amy Restall plays the younger Viv, from age 15 to her late 30’s. These two actresses sing and act beautifully together, giving a very strong core to the whole production.
Keith, Viv’s great love and second husband, is played by Jonathan Mudd. He and Amy bring the young lovers to life in song and dance.
George, Viv’s father and a huge influence on her choice of men, is played by Norman Rutterford.
Our production team is led by Director Pat Taplin, very ably assisted by Steve Wooldridge. This year our choreographer is Yolande Lockwood, who is busy working on energy filled ensemble numbers. Our Musical Director is Richard Healey, who’s itching to bring the glorious score, full of lovely ballads and big chorus numbers, to life.

Spend, Spend, Spend is new, exciting, tough and all about the ability of the human spirit to come through whatever is thrown at them.
It really deserved to win it’s awards and really should take it’s place alongside ‘Blood Brothers’ as a truly great, modern British musical.


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