A battle of wills… Fought across the heavens.

When, in late October 1609, the 45-year-old Italian mathematician Galileo Galilei points his newfangled “optick tube” into the heavens, what he glimpses turns our view of our place in the universe upside down and unleashes a scientific revolution.

His revolutionary discoveries bring him into direct conflict with the might of the Catholic Church. The resulting clash threatens the very heart of his family:  his partner Marina, who sees the dangers facing him more clearly than he does; his daughter Virginia, about to be betrothed to a wealthy young nobleman; his student, Paolo, whose faith in his brilliant master is unquestioning.

As the powerful men at the top of the established church see their world view undermined, they turn to the dreaded Inquisition. Would this brilliant genius be suppressed, or would the light of science be allowed to shine into the future?

This stunning show brings to the stage all the excitement and brilliance of renaissance Italy – from its court masques, bustling markets and travelling players, to the shadowy heart of the Vatican and the full splendour of a Papal coronation.

Gallery Players bring you the World Premiere of this brand new musical. Developed especially for Gallery, and following on from last years sell out performances of ‘Into The Woods’, we promise you a fascinating and entertaining insight into the life of this incredible man.

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