‘CARNIVAL’ opened on Broadway on Thursday April 13th 1961 to
rapturous reviews and a long run.
Since then it seems to have been forgotten until it surfaced in
London a few years ago in the Barbican’s season of ‘Lost Musicals‘.
The Gallery Players strive to bring you something different which
catches the mood of 1999. We hope “CARNIVAL’ is such a show
CARNIVAL’ is more than a mere musical. It is magic. It has a magical
Story, magical music and magical performers.
Bob Merrill’s score is enchanting ‘Love Makes the World Go Round‘ is
CARNIVAL’S’ theme and its message.
Michael Stewart’s book tells the story of a shy young refugee who
stumbles into B.F. Schlegel’s Circus in the late 1940’s. The circus is
performing outside a small town in Southern Europe. Lili, the refugee
transforms the lives of everyone she meets, from Paul the embittered
lame puppeteer to Marco the Magnificent, a glamorous magician.
This is a truly happy musical which should appeal to everyone
‘CARNIVAL’ is being performed at the Sir John Mills Theatre. Its intimate
atmosphere is ideal for this charming love story.