The story of a family’s loves and
losses during World War 2, as
seen through the eyes of Helen,
the eldest daughter.
Helen’s love must survive in
snatched moments when Norman
is home on 48 hour leaves.

The youngest daughter Joyce
meets and hastily marries a young soldier only days
before he leaves for France.

Their parents George and Peggy along with Grandad
help to keep bodies and spirits together through
rationing, air raids and Dads sing alongs around the
The songs of the time link the scenes and set the mood as the years pass.
Everyone changes as the War goes on, the feelings that life must be lived
for the moment, that normal conventions have disappeared and that
tomorrow might never comel
But throughout everything the family remain an unbreakable unit.
The Gallery Players hope you will enjoy this nostalgic look at an amazing
time in our history
For those who experienced it life was never the same again and C.P.
Taylor’s play is a tribute to all the ordinary families who struggled to survive
these uncertain times.