‘Singing up a sizzling Sixties storm – another perfect gem from the Gallery Players.’
‘Whether you are on a trip down memory lane or enjoying an explosion of history,
this one will rock and roll you’ EADT / Evening Star

Back by popular demand, the Gallery Players are delighted to be taking a nostalgic trip back into the
heady days of the swinging Sixties. A Slice of Saturday Night Is a glorious celebration of the music
and the Saturday night rituals that characterised the beat generation.
Time Out wrote of it ‘The Heather Brothers’ musical spoof of pubescent seventeen year old
delinquents in the Sirties is full of such clever, self mocking charm that its difficult to come away
feeling anything but thoroughly entertained. The real pleasure comes from the Brothers’ shameless
poaching of an ecletic cross section of famous Sixties numbers – Cliff and the Shads to Bob Dylan via
ths Beatles… Superb comic pastiche and sharp cuff link humour.’
As the evening at the Spa Pavilion unfolds you will be transported back to a time when the world was
mourning the loss of President John F Kennedy, and when the Profumo scandal bought a government
to its knees, when Cassius Clay became Muhammed Ali, when Martin Luther King declared be had a
dream, when the Beatles and the Rolling Stones captured the imaginations of an entire generation,
while on the football field England won the World Cup and Georgie Best capture the nation.