A heart-warming story about love, loss and hope across generations.


Poppy is eleven and has attitude.  When she finds herself living with her cantankerous grandfather, a man she neither likes nor loves, all hell breaks loose.  Grandad is something of a hermit, a man living in the past who sees very little good in anything or anybody and he is suddenly and unexpectedly confronted by a tornado of energy who can’t sit still and asks too many questions.  He is a man with no television, no computer and no patience, and while their relationship is volatile it’s also very funny and strewn with moments of real tenderness.


Grow Up Grandad is an inter-generational story that deals with love and loss, hope and sadness as the relationship between Poppy and her Grandad is first thrown together and eventually torn apart. The play is dramatic, painful, provocative and often hugely funny. Gordon Steel is best known for his work with Hull Truck Theatre.


Grandparents have played an increasingly active role in bringing up their grandchildren in our age of divorce and co-habitation. Grow Up grandad is a humorous, thoughtful and touching exploration of the challenges.Not many writers have tackled this subject; reason enough to welcome Gordon Steel’s play.


The play is directed by Steve Wooldridge whose previous productions at the Sir John Mills  have been many including, The History Boys, Jumpers for Goalposts, Heroes,The Long Road, Kindertransport, Kiss Me Like You Mean It and To Kill A Mockingbird.


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